The story behind Celas Sportswear


As children, we are taught to try sports, to practice sports, and to love sports; however, as we grow older, that love fades. We are no longer placed in environments which challenge us physically, and the motivation to push our bodies dwindles. Where does our motivation go? As adults, we are faced with challenges that go beyond sportsmanship and our priorities change.

But they shouldn’t, and Celas is here to bring back your motivation.

Challenging our bodies not only benefits our physical health, but it also produces chemicals within our brains which inspire positive mental health, and that should be a priority at any stage in life.

At Celas, we know that life can get complicated. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create the most comfortable, seamless, and secure athletic wear. Celas fits like a second skin, so that you don’t ever have to worry about your physical comfort when exploring your youthful motivation. It becomes a part of you so that you can stay active, inspired, and motivated.

What makes Celas unique? We’ve done the research and found that the combination of polyester and spandex make for the most comfortable and mobile fit for any athlete. Unlike other materials, it also maintains form and won’t lose its shape after a few months of wear. With unbeatable fit and stretch, Celas truly becomes your second skin. More than that, the Celas logo is printed and sewn into the fabric. In contrast to 85% of brands who use DTG printing, the Celas logo will never peel or fade. You won’t even feel the logo on your skin.

We’ve put the time, money, and research into creating the best possible sportswear so that you can focus on playing the game and bringing the joy of athleticism back into your life.



Karsten Bogen was an athletic kid, just like you. Like many children that practice soccer, he dreamed of going pro. Unfortunately, between the ages of 10-14, Karsten experienced several minor injuries, which killed his dreams of going pro.

At boarding school, he tried to get back onto the field. However, in 2013, Karsten suffered a serious knee injury. In 2014, he had another and needed surgery. The pain post-surgery was almost unbearable.

The injuries killed his dreams of playing pro. With the dream, the motivation to be active died as well. He didn’t want to get hurt again. What Karsten didn’t know at the time was that abandoning competitive sport was hurting him more. 

Thankfully, in 2018 Karsten found a sport in which he felt comfortable again. He began running. Running inspires Karsten, gives him a sense of self, and takes his mind off the distractions of life. He is currently preparing for a ½ marathon.


Karsten Bøgen
Founder & CEO